Kristin was born in 2006 and is diagnosed with Autism. She was completely nonverbal until she was 4 years old. At that point she started having a few words. Now nine, conversation in length can still be challenging for her. During the time she was non verbal, she often used her love of art and sketching as a way to communicate with her family. She would often draw pictures to help us know what sounds bothered her. Kristin has always had a love for reading, and we believe her love for books was a huge key for her developement.


We hope her books can be enjoyed by all children, and also help encourage others with challenges. We hope it demonstrates that no matter what your life challenge is, you can still accomplish great things, and help others to see past a diagnosis.  We know what it is like to have a child that can't verbally express themselves the way we would hope for.  As parents of nonverbal children, we need to learn how to listen differently, as communication isn't only found in the spoken word.

To date, Kristin has had two successful solo art exhibits. The most recent exhibit was a collection of her art and poetry titled 'Face Your Fears.' She has made several event appearances, and has also been featured on multiple news outlets. Her work has also been featured in publications. We have many future projects in the works and are honored to bring positive awareness to autism through her work.


Through the love of art and reading, came an avenue of communication and creativity that we are happy to share with you.  Thank you very much for your support and we hope you enjoy our projects.


We are passionate about helping local autism organizations, with every sale on our site, a portion of the proceeds goes to supporting them.








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